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Basic Occupational First Aid Training Malaysia

Training Course

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Life Saving Pro Academy is Safety Training Provider located in Malaysia. We providing all range of Basic Occupational First Aid Training Malaysia, both in East Malaysia & West Malaysia.

After the courses, employee (First Aider) will be able to perform first aid treatment for various kind of emergency that can happens at your premises. And they will be awarded the Certificate of Proficiency (First Aid at Work Certificate).

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APart One – Basic Life Support
1.Chain of Survivals.
2.Common cause of Death.
3.Introduction to Cardiovascular System.
4.Introduction to Respiratory System.
5.Coronary Heart Diseases and Risk Factors.
6.Cardiopulmonary (CPR Technique’s) – DR. CAB.
7.Practical session:
Adult one rescuer CPR technique
Adult two rescuer CPR technique
Airway Obstruction – Conscious (Heimlich Manoeuvre)
Airway Obstruction – Become unconscious
Airway Obstruction – Found Unconscious Victim
Care of unconscious victim (Recovery Position)
8.Assessment on Theory and Practical.
BPart Two – First Aid/Basic Trauma Life Support
1.Introduction to First Aid – Definition and requirements.
2.Introduction to basic anatomy:
Musculosketal system
Central nervous system
3.Introduction to Basic Emergency Principles (DR. ABC).
4.Patient Assessment:
Rapid victim assessment (head to toe)
Identifying life treating conditions – shock, chest injury, internal injuries, chest injury, etc.
Managing injuries based on priority
Communication to the health care provider
5.Management of Spinal Injury:
Identifying spinal injuries
Care of the injured victim
Immobilisation and transportation
6.Management of Medical Shock:
Type of shock
Identifying shock (sign and symptom)
Treating shock (first aid)
7.Management of Fracture (including amputation):
Identifying fracture (sign and symptom)
Type of fracture (closed and open)
Immobilisation of fracture (upper limb, lower limb and extremities)
8.Management of Wound:
Type of wound
Treating the wound (first aid)
9.Practical Session:
Patient assessment
Spinal care and transportation
Immobilisation of fracture
Wound management ( bandaging ,etc)
Managing multiple injury (exercise/simulation drill)
10.Assessment on Theory and Practical.
11.Automated External Defibrillator:
Anatomy of the AED
AED Operation
Special Consideration for AED
AED Application
12.Other injuries:
Burn and scald – fire, hot water, chemical, etc.
Heat related disorder – heat stroke, hypothermia, etc.
Ear, nose and throat injuries – eye injury (chemical), bleeding from nose, etc.
Sports injuries – sprain/strain
Sting and bites – insect bites, allergic, etc.
Chemical contact – inhalation, absorption, ingestion, exposure, etc.
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